*Please note: We do not hold clinics throughout the cold/winter months for the best interest of the cats. Clinics begin in spring when the weather breaks and continues throughout the summer into early fall*

*We have a waiting list of barncats needing our services, so expect to wait a few months before you can be assisted. Lollypop Farm and Rochester Community Animal Clinic have low cost feral cat spay/neuter programs as well*


We need volunteers for upcoming fundraisers and clinics! You can help out by volunteering your time. Don't worry: Training will be provided for those who want to participate in the clinics. Please contact us for more information.

Area Animal Shelters

Since we do not deal with adopting any animals, here is a list of a few county shelters. Please keep in mind there are numerous unwanted animals and many shelters and rescues have limited room and supplies. If you need to bring an animal to them, donating any items they may need is greatly appreciated.

There may also be a private rescue near you that is not listed here.