About Barn Cat Outreach

Barn Cat Outreach (BCO) was started in the summer of 2009 by Mary Perkins & Dr. Kim Wilson to prevent the feral cat population from growing in Livingston and it's surrounding counties, as needed.

By providing our service, we also assist in controlling certain feline diseases. Read more

What's In a Name?

The name, Barn Cat Outreach, was developed specifically for our rural area. We have had these cats around us our whole lives. Locally we call them barn cats. In cities, they are alley cats. Others simply call them strays. If they are wild and unsocialized, they are feral cats. We are not a shelter and do not adopt or foster kittens. We are strictly a TNVR (Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Release) service.
Read more about our TNVR process.

Some feral cat terminology:

  • Feral - wild, unsocialized
  • Colony - a group of feral cats
  • Sterilizing - spaying and neutering
  • Mobile - we host our clinics in an area near you!
  • Ear tipping - the top of the cat’s left ear is slightly nipped-a process necessary and commonly used for identification purposes for TNVR clinics (we can tell which cats have been through the clinics without needing to get too close)

Many residents in our area have "barn cats" that they provide shelter and/or food for, but due to the increased cost of living, for many it is impossible to fund sterilization surgery for the cats at regular veterinary clinics. Besides having the finances to cover a typical surgery cost, catching all these cats is no easy task.

BCO can help your community or home by hosting low cost spays and neuters in our mobile clinic. We come to the central area where the cats reside and provide our services.